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Ballooning and Wine Tour Package

Yarra Valley Ballooning and Winery Tour Package

Start your day drifting silently aloft it in a hot air balloon over Melbourne or the Yarra Valley and then relax with a full day touring and wine tasting in the Yarra Valley.

A spectacular way to see the best of the Yarra Valley with Victoria’s leading hot air balloon company, Global Ballooning. Combine a flight and wine tour, a perfect way to spend a day in the Yarra Valley. Let the breeze usher you in a hot air balloon along corridors of grape vines and over the Yarra River as you take in breathtaking views of mountains that surround the spectacular valley. These breathtaking views change with the seasons and are especially awe inspiring when taken in from a vantage of 3,000 feet. Enjoy a sense of timelessness and adventure, combined with the comfort of knowing you are in safe and expert hands.

Ballooning and wine tour in Victoria's Yarra Valley


Adult: $580 per person, includes transfers, balloon flight, breakfast and winery tour.

Child: $445 per person, includes transfers, balloon flight, breakfast and winery tour.

Yarra Valley Adventure Flight with breakfast

Take an exhilarating balloon flight with Global Ballooning over the Yarra Valley and be met by the Australia Wine Tour Company on its Yarra Valley Wine Experience day tour. Your adventure will be the envy of all and the combined value of the package makes really good sense.

Melbourne City Flight and Yarra Valley Wine Adventure

Global Ballooning will ensure a memorable early morning flight over Melbourne, one of the few cities in the world where balloons can share air space. Then join the Australian Wine Tour Company’s Yarra Valley Wine Experience to the Yarra Valley for wine, food, fun and a day that will be totally unforgettable. Contact us to book the Melbourne City Flight and Yarra Valley Wine Adventure.

Private Group Package

Design a customised experience for your small or large group, starting the day with a Global Balloon flight over Melbourne or the Yarra Valley and continuing with the Australian Wine Tour Company on a tour designed specifically to meet your needs. Contact us to book a private ballooning package.

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Tour Packages

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