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Winery Spotlight: Yering Farm Wines

The state of Victoria is known for its quality wines, and it’s no surprise that many of Australia’s most prestigious vintages hail from the Victorian surrounds. The climate is perfect and the locals have some of the best wine knowledge in the world. Among

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AWT Select; Old Vs. New World Winemaking

  Old vs. New World   As the old adage goes: no two wines are the same.   Much can be said for different wine varieties and winemaking techniques, but what of the old and new world?   Winemaking methods in some parts of

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Winery Spotlight: Domaine Chandon

Boasting the only claim to true French winemaking heritage in Australia, the Chief Vigneron Domaine Chandon arrived in the Yarra Valley in the mid-80’s, ready to make his mark on the landscape of Australian sparkling wine. In a serendipitous turn of events, Winemaker Robert

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Winery Spotlight: Steel’s Gate Wines

  Tucked away in one of the most beautiful, misty and serene parts of one of Victoria’s most famous wine regions, the Yarra Valley, is Steel’s Gate. A boutique vineyard housing decades-old chardonnay, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir grapevines in the still, idyllic

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Romantic Winery Escapes

In the name of St. Valentine, February 14 is a day to shower your loved one with love and affection. This much talked about patron saint might be shrouded in mystery, but in all of the stories, there’s one constant – love.   In

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Give the Gift of Wine – or a Wine Tour – This Christmas

Temecula Valley Vineyard covered in fairy lights

Christmas is almost upon us, which means it’s time to hit the shops and start scouring the shelves in search of the perfect present for your loved ones.   Or is it? Research has shown that more and more Australians are choosing to put

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Winery Profile: Yering Farm Wines

Yering Farm Wines is a small single-vineyard winery that’s nestled in the heart of the Yarra Valley. With its rich viticultural history, warm, family-owned approach and scenic surrounds, it’s not surprising this picturesque vineyard has touched the hearts and taste buds of both locals

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