Warm up in the Yarra Valley this winter

As the thick morning fog lifts over the vineyards, the rain eases and the grey clouds make way for the morning sun, our cozy white bus rolls into Yering Station full of excited passengers ready to be warmed up by the beauty of the Yarra Valley in winter.

Out here in winter, it’s all about dry feet, warm coats, crackling fires, rich reds, hearty meals and thick scarves, to complete your Yarra Valley wine tour outfit.

The winter is less crowded in the Yarra Valley which means you can expect very warm welcomes at Cellar Doors, from the staff and the fire places. We let your sample a range of delicious cabernet sauvignons, shiraz and pinot noirs to try and purchase if you desire.

You can expect hearty winter food such as rabbit ragu with herbs and white wine and tagliatelle pasta or slow cooked lamb shoulder with liguarian olives accompanied by butter and pea gnocchi, at cosy restaurants such as Soumah Wines.

At one of our favourite wineries Yering Farm you’ll have the chance to  relax by the open fire and chat with the winemakers, who’d far prefer to be inside talking to you about their wine instead of out in the vineyard pruning.

And of course, you’ll have plenty of picturesque photo opportunities among the bare vines and dewy lawns. You’ll have time to mingle with your tour mates and our friendly tour guides, and return to Melbourne feeling completely refreshed.

Winter in the Yarra Valley, not so bad after all!

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