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Winery Spotlight: Steel’s Gate Wines

  Tucked away in one of the most beautiful, misty and serene parts of one of Victoria’s most famous wine regions, the Yarra Valley, is Steel’s Gate. A boutique vineyard housing decades-old chardonnay, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir grapevines in the still, idyllic

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Meet the Driver: John Murphy

In our last ‘Meet the Driver’ post we caught up with long-term tourism expert and part-time wine tour guide, John O’Donnell, and this month, we’ll be introducing our other resident John, John Murphy. Following in his family’s footsteps, John, AKA Spud, grew up surrounded

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TripAdvisor Votes Australian Wine Tour Co as the 5th Most Popular Australian Tour

At the end of the financial year, TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site for reviews and bookings announced the top ten most booked tours in Australia. Coming in at number five and ranking higher than the Great Barrier Reef, was our very own Yarra

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Winery Profile: SOUMAH Wines

The Yarra Valley is famed for its mouth-watering cool-climate wines and fresh produce, but how much do you really know about some of the region’s most esteemed vineyards? We caught up with Dmitri Lazariuc from SOUMAH, to learn more about what the winery offers

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What Food Should You Pair With Your Wine?

Side view of a Steel's Gate lunch table setting with savoury dishes and wine - set against a backdrop of vineyards and tree covered hills

Wine and food; it’s the combination that has stumped people for generations. Unless you’re a chef, or a bit of a wine enthusiast, trying to figure out which wine will complement the flavours of your dish can be tricky!          

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Celebrate Easter with a Wine – or Two!

                        Easter is a time for indulgence, where the wine stores are plentiful and there’s chocolate as far as the eye can see. This may sound a little far fetched, but when you

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Exactly What Makes a Good Vintage?

                As winegrowers across the Yarra Valley are busy picking the grapes that will produce a selection of mouth-watering 2017 vintages, we thought we’d take some time to reflect on what a vintage is, and most importantly,

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