Rich Soil, Rich History – The Secrets of the Yarra Valley

  What is it about the Yarra Valley that warrants the production of some of Australia, and the World’s most appreciated and demanded wines…? The Yarra Valley’s secret is a fascinating combination of climate and history. Climate Widely considered as the Nation’s premier cool-climate

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How to Prepare for your Hot Air Balloon Flight over the Yarra Valley

Hot air balloon

Man has always wanted to fly since time immemorial. His desire to enjoy what birds often enjoy has inspired him to come up with all sorts of flight objects and machines. From jets and helicopters to spaceships and light aircrafts, this desire doesn’t seem

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An Overnight Odyssey Sampling The Very Best Of Victoria’s West

Royal mail hotel

Victoria has some of the greatest wines and foods in the world, and with the Yarra Valley so conveniently to hand, Melburnians and their visitors have for many years been enjoying Australian Wine Tour Co’s day and weekend bus tour packages, tasting fine wines

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Warm up in the Yarra Valley this winter

As the thick morning fog lifts over the vineyards, the rain eases and the grey clouds make way for the morning sun, our cozy white bus rolls into Yering Station full of excited passengers ready to be warmed up by the beauty of the Yarra Valley in winter. Out

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Indulge in an overnight stay in the Yarra Valley

“Wine is bottled poetry”. So wrote Robert Louis Stevenson, who certainly knew a thing or two about getting away from it all. But you don’t have to sail to a treasure island to experience romance, exotic food and fine wine. You’ll find all these

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Enjoying Wine Tours & More in the Yarra Valley, Australia

The Yarra Valley is a region surrounding the Yarra River in Victoria, Australia. It is 100 Km east of the CBD in Melbourne. The valley floor being surrounded by panoramic mountains and it is recognized around the world for its exceptional wine producing climate. The region has a

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10 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Drinking wine in moderation (one or two glasses per day) has been shown to have many health benefits. The Fitness Revolution has compiled 10 health benefits of drinking wine below. Healthy heart – The antioxidants found in a glass of wine can help prevent heart diseases

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